Starving in a first world country

Design Problem

Hunger is happening in our world, nation, state and even our own neighbourhoods. A group of 4 will pair with a local non-profit organization, River City Food Bank (RCFB), to fight hunger. Research on the topic from a global to a national level needs be well documented. Next is understanding the RCFB and designing a campaign that meets their specific needs. It will include a multiple page layout with posters and other promotional items.

Design Solution

After my group got a grasp on the issue of poverty holistically, we each chose a specific topic about poverty and wrote an article to create awareness, offer supporting solutions, or provide practical ways for individuals to help. Next we each came up with our own campaign relating to our article that met the specific needs of RCFB. My article focuses on broadening peoples’ perspective of what hunger is—it isn’t just people not getting enough food, but people not getting enough of the right food. That led me to focus my campaign around recipes, which empower people to choose a healthier lifestyle. A cook book with our groups’ articles can be sold by RCFB to raise more funds. Recipe cards can be included with every food package given out and used in nutrition classes.