Monarchs Playing Cards

Design Problem

Choose a theme and design a set of playing cards that holds together as a whole. The system must be strong so there is no ambiguity between the different types of cards, but must not be so predictable that it loses interest. In addition, a playing card box is to be designed that fits within the theme.

Design Solution

Figuring out the system based off of my chosen theme was key to solving this design problem. A deck of cards has many different levels of hierarchy and subsets. I inventoried the system between the face cards, suits, independent cards, colors and the number cards. This allowed me to then work within the system but still push the amount of contrast I could achieve. My solution was to modernize the traditional face cards with more contemporary illustrations and new color palette. Using the traditional character face cards enabled me to draw each character’s attire very distinctively to represent their personality and tell a story.