There are some things that time cannot mend. Some hurts that go too deep…that have taken hold.

Design Problem

These are the words of Frodo Baggins from the novel, Lord of the Rings. He speaks of the effect and isolation from having to bear the burden of an evil ring. In the end, he is a different person than the beginning. He sees the evil of the world as well as the evil within himself. The design problem is to redesign the cover and interior of this classic novel for a younger college-aged contemporary audience.

Design Solution

The process played a big role in creatively solving this design problem. I did plenty of research, mind mapping and brainstorming before discovering my concept. I decided to focus on the metaphor of duality of good and evil within Frodo. Compositionally, I isolated him on the page to evoke the emotion of loneliness. A second interpretation can be that the two figures represent the fellowship, especially between Frodo and Sam. Using cut paper and photographing it gave the piece more depth, texture, mystery and abstraction.