Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication

Design Problem

Design a logo that encapsulates the unique story of each respective client

Design Solution

01 Liberty Bell Popup Plaza defies the stereotypes of kiosk stands. A new logo needs to change peoples’ perception and attract high-end brands investors. The logo juxtaposes old imagery with clean typography and a fresh color palette to communicate history as well as modernity.

02 H&H is a joining of two different cultures to form a new singular cohesive company. One animal from each culture, a dragon and fish, are joined together to symbolize this union. Symmetry reflects precision, stability and strength, which is echoed in the typography.

03 Envision is a television network whose goal is to inspire, intrigue, & address global to local issues to make the world a better place. It only takes one idea to spark a chain reaction that rises above to change the world.

04 I chose to make a lifestyle brand that catered to art enthusiasts. The name Artifact was chosen for a couple reasons—it embodied the idea of hand made objects and it contained the word art within it. I play with frames in different ways to not only frame the product itself, but to also reframe the viewers’ perspective of art and what it could be.

05 A youth Christian group revolve around one symbol—the cross. By using figure/ground, the letters appear as if rooted and being partially covered.
I use color as an interruption to create a focal point on the most important symbol and to communicate growth.

06 Asian Relics showcase historical and cultural objects from different Asian cultures. To highlight this coming together, a traditional Vietnamese mask and Chinese butterfly merge as one to create this symbol. The typography mimics the delicacy and termination of the symbol’s stroke.