The Lie in Relief

Design Problem

Design has the ability to resonate with people. This became the goal of this public service announcement poster for the 2010 Haiti disaster relief effort. This school project was assigned under the guise of designing for the Ad Council, which exists to inspire change and improve lives. The poster should not only create awareness on an important current issue, but emotionally and intellectually capture the attention of its audience.

Design Solution

Solving this design problem took root in the research phase. This involved a wide and deep search for imagery and information from factual to abstract data. After a competitive audit, I was able to see the plethora of posters focusing on the disaster itself, but none on the current state of Haiti. This led me to discover the irony of “lie” within relief in a literary sense as well as a factual sense. I chose to experiment and explore with hands on techniques of manipulating type to give a raw and visceral portrayal of a hurting country.