Campus Life
Happens Here

Design Problem

The University Union is the hub of student activity. For many, it is an integral part of the college life experience. The building itself lacks a strong brand identity. Because of the lack of consistency, it becomes hard for students to process their environment. To start building a more cohesive image, a set of pole banners will be hung to welcome vistors as they come in. A matching animation needs to be designed that will play on the digital screens throughout the building to reinforce the image.

Design Solution

I started this like a branding project. Before I could design any supporting material, I had to first define what the University Union was. After research, keywords, and mind maps, I was able to narrow my choices down to a few potential slogans. “Campus life happens here” became the final selection because it is simple and to the point. It is a loud statement that is confident and bold. Building off the research and slogan, I designed a set of banners and animation that matched the personality. I incorporated motion, speed and depth to give life to the design. Campus life equals a diverse range of activities and groups of people coming together. I wanted to convey a similar feeling by having different visual elements exploding from a radial center.