Artifact—Our Art is Fact

Design Problem

This project is to be executed efficiently like a real studio. Global project management forms and weekly task lists will keep the project on task and focused. The objective is to envision and design an original product line. This meant creating a strong and consistent brand identity including its philosophy, mission, fabric design, product design, business plan, business system, packaging, catalog and swatch book. A final business presentation will be done to show the vision, thinking, execution and ability to connect the dots.

Design Solution

I chose to make a lifestyle brand that catered to art enthusiasts. The name Artifact was chosen for a few reasons—it embodied the idea of objects being hand made as well as having the word art in it. The four products I made encompass different areas of one’s lifestyle: work, travel, and home. The system was inspired by the environment of an art gallery. The look and feel of the catalog, swatch book, and packaging all give a sense of space. From the identity, I also play with frames in different ways to not only frame the product itself, but also reframe the viewers’ perspective of art and what it could be.

View the Business Plan Presentation.