“Listen for the pulse, which cannot be faked, forged, or falsified. Look for the fingerprint.
It is the key to design’s success.”


Why a Fingerprint?
No two fingerprints are exactly alike because they are an impression left by a personal touch. Likewise, I view every design problem as a unique challenge. Each will have nuances that require a level of sensitivity to design. My own fingerprint was used because I love to design with my hands. I treat the process of design with the same care, honesty, passion and attention to detail as handcrafting an object. I strive to leave a positive impression on all my work and solve the design to its highest potential. The final product will be more original and won’t be easily duplicated. The process and organic nature will give it a pulse—a life of its own.

About Me
I am a hands-on graphic designer with an affinity for art, typography, illustration & good food! Similar to my design process, my background has been one of exploration. With one degree in psychology and another in graphic design, combined with having worked for some of the best companies out there, my design thinking reflects that same diversity. My passion for design is focused, refined and resolved.

Design Thinking Skills
  • research icon
  • Experiment factual, abstract, breadth, depth, image, keywords
  • exlploration icon
  • Exploration ideation, brainstorming, mind-mapping
  • critical thinking icon
  • Critical Thinking bigger picture, connections, socratic method
  • creative thinking icon
  • Creative Thinking metaphor, abstraction, reframing
  • systems icon
  • Systems interconnected, harmony, interval, gestalt, pattern
  • teamwork icon
  • Teamwork communicate, unity, honesty, openness

Email me at: hello@peterdesign.net
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