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The Every Letter Project

Here’s a sweet project I get to be a part of. The talented footsie-mate I work with at Tether, Evan MacDonald has a design  miscellany site called He recently started a project called The Every Letter Project, where he invites 27 designers to each design a letter in the alphabet. Each design then gets carved into a 6 in. x 6 in. linoleum block (2 colors per letter) and gets letterpressed onto a single poster size sheet. 100 editions will be printed and sold. The proceeds will go directly towards 826 Seattle, a nonprofit that supports child literacy. Here’s some work in progress by me and fellow designers on the project.

by @evanmacdonald


by @grubedoo


by @ryanmeline


by @joseph_allen


by @MegofBrien



by @ItsMarlaMoore


by @Spacelofte


by @cathedralpearls


by @peterd_design