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Be More Loving Screen Print Poster

I’m excited to be screen printing my first design this weekend. Thanks to my coworker Kyle Marks who is part of Interval Press, a local screen printing company. Check them out—they do some really sweet gig posters. I started this project because there can always be more love in the world and the best place to start is with oneself. I wanted to use the process and medium to reinforce this simple positive reminder. The entire project was very hands on from beginning to end. I hand lettered everything instead of going to the computer and hand pulled the ink over the screen instead of using a printer. Each poster was then hand stamped, uniquely numbered, and delivered in person. By using such a personal approach to designing, printing and distribution, I hope that it can be a self-fulfilling project in and of itself.

Sketching was frustrating especially since I have poor handwriting to begin with. It was difficult making the lowercase letters look consistent with good legibility. The goal is to achieve a system of uniformity but with enough contrast to distinguish each individual letter. I had the most trouble with the readability of “v” and not having it look like a “u.” I began with sketching out a rough composition and then refined that over and over again with tracing paper. I wanted a rough edge quality so my final sketch was traced onto a napkin. After scanning the napkin illustration, I hopped into photoshop, applied threshold adj. layer to a separate texture file, moved that into my scanned napkin file, masked out shapes on the letters I wanted textured and repeated that until I got the right shaded values. Some of the letter had to be redrawn and rescanned as I didn’t like them once it got to the computer. The background texture comes from the natural texture of the napkin. Share this post down below and/or leave a comment. If you do, I’ll try to get you a limited hand pulled screen printed poster.