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New Website Launch

I’m excited to be writing the very first post of my online design portfolio. It’s been a long process but in the end, I learned so much about HTML/CSS and coding. Basically, it involved tons of patience, Google, and plenty of trial & error. I’ll give a summary of how I built the site.

My priority besides housing my work was to have a dynamic and responsive website that was easy to update. WordPress is an excellent CMS that enables me to do that. I purchased a theme from themetrust which had all the back-end functionality I wanted, but not necessarily the look. The theme then became a foundational framework which I then took the liberty to completely facelift and redesign. The most challenging aspect was making the user interface responsive so it would look great on any type of device.

A couple more projects and some updates to current projects is in the works. For now, enjoy, share and comment. I’d love to hear what you think!